The Memory of the Victims of Partisan Attacks 2024-2025

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The project aims to gather and record the memories of those affected by partisan attacks, incorporating them into the local history of villages and municipalities in the Itä-Lapin and Sodankylän areas. By doing so, it seeks to raise awareness among the residents about these events and provide those who experienced trauma with an opportunity to share their untold stories.

The project involves interviewing approximately 10-20 individuals, including both survivors of the attacks and their descendants, to understand how communities and individuals coped with the aftermath of the partisan violence. The collected information will be digitized and recorded for future use. Additionally, the gathered material may be utilized in creating museum rooms, trails, and signposts as part of a separate project, enhancing cultural tourism in the region. The remaining structures, artifacts, findings, and interviews will be curated into cohesive experiences for the public and tourists. These sites and the routes leading to them will be integrated into the cultural tourism landscape, combining storytelling with geographic information. The project will also involve local schools, universities, and colleges to incorporate tourism education.

The project is scheduled to run from March 1, 2024, to December 31, 2025, with an implementation period of 18 months starting from March 1, 2024.


European Rural Development Fund 2023-2027
Leader Pohjoisin Lappi


Hankeaika : 01/03/2024 – 31/12/2025

Budjetti: 166 653,25€
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