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Lennokkikuva kemijärven keskustasta

Osta paikallista -project (70991) had the overarching, long-term goal of fostering closer collaboration among East Lapland’s entrepreneurial organizations and entrepreneurs to develop local purchasing power and increase local purchases in the region. The project also aimed to enhance the awareness of decision-makers in East Lapland about the impacts of their decisions on the vitality of their living environment, well-being, employment, business effects, investments, and responsible sustainable development.

During the project, 3-4 information sessions were organized in each municipality of East Lapland. These municipal events attracted approximately 800 attendees, including entrepreneurs, municipal decision-makers, and those responsible for municipal purchases and procurement. The ”Osta paikallista” (Buy Local) topics were highlighted in various media outlets such as Koti-Lappi, Kuriiri, Lapin Kansa, YouTube, Facebook, and Aalto Radio.

To elevate the value of local products and services, the project introduced the ”Kotoisin – Local from East Lapland” emblem, which regional entrepreneurs could obtain from economic operators or entrepreneurial associations. Four municipalities in East Lapland updated their procurement and purchasing guidelines, while two municipalities adopted electronic procurement and tendering systems. One municipality developed a procurement strategy. Additionally, one municipality created forms for preliminary impact and business impact assessments, which were distributed to other municipalities in the region to aid in the revision of their assessments.

The project covered the municipalities of Kemijärvi, Pelkosenniemi, Posio, Salla, and Savukoski. The total budget for the project was €79,435, funded by the European Union’s Rural Development Fund, Leader Pohjoisin Lappi, Koillismaan Leader, and private financiers.


Euroopan Unionin maaseuturahasto
Leader Pohjoisin Lappi
Koillismaan Leader
yksityiset rahoittajat


Dina Solatie
puh. 040 354 8370

Hankeaika : 01/10/2018 – 30/11/2019

Budjetti: 79 435€
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